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Archived CHhugs News (To September 2004)



September 2004

Believe it or not but the end of September sees CHhugs start their main auctions in the run up to Christmas! As well as all the signed Beanies there will be other signed items, as well as our Snowflake Halos.
Also for this year 4 very special hand dressed beanies! Check out the Pantomime Princesses to see more!


August 2004

Summer Bride 2004 raises a wonderful £98.69 from Tanya and Jean Carpenter, and will be joining the last two Summer Brides!

We also have the unveiling of the hand beaded item for September. She is called Dear Butterfly. September the 19th sees the start of Children's Hospice Week and their logo is a butterfly! You can see a photo of her here Dear Butterfly  She will be going to auction on 2nd September at

July 2004

Time to get a close look at this years Summer Bride which will be going to auction at eBay at the end of the month. Visit the Summer Bride 2004 page to see her.

June 2004

HOT NEWS! A huge Thank You goes out to 'Done and Dusted', the event organisers of the annual Popbeach concert, held in Great Yarmouth. Thanks to Talent Liaison Manager Anna Gunne, CHhugs managed to get all the acts that appeared on Sunday, to sign Beanies for us! To see who signed what, head for the Celebs Contacted page!


May 2004

As summer approaches, we have one of our prettiest hand dressed beanies up for auction at She is called May Queen and she needs to be seen to see just how lovely she is! Later this year we will be having our Summer Bride 2004, and she is bound to be a very popular item!


February 2004

Watch out for this years Valentines Halo which goes to auction in time for you to win her for Valentines Day! She is titled Rose Pink Valentine's Halo has been created exclusively for CHhugs and is a one off design never to be repeated!


Click on the logo to check out the auction page.




December 2003

The last batch of auctions for 2003 has finished and raised an incredible £988! Beanie Baby Items raised amounts from
£10.50 for Brigitte autographed by model Nell McAndrew, to an incredible £205 for the Amber the Cat and postcard
signed by Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling! The Classy autographed by Formula One Racing driver
raced to a whopping £107. Top of the Non Beanie items was the signed Madonna Montage which was donated by CHhugs Buddy Margaret, and raised an excellent £180.
These great totals mean that next year CHhugs will be able to do a full round of donations - not just financial but those
ever loved Beanie baby Toys too!


4th December 2003

It is time for the Big One 2003! Yes this years big finale auctions. If you are a fan of Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter,
Star Trek, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Eastenders, Formula One Racing, or music then we have something for all of you
with some very big names! Billy Boyd, J.K Rowling, George Takei, Emma Caulfield, Den and Spencer, Eddie Jordan,
Lionel Richie are just a few of the names on offer! A big Thank You goes out to Margaret, CHhugs Buddy who donated
a signed Madonna montage! Also a big thank you to CHhugs Buddy Kelly, who got several of these items signed in person.
Click Here      to go straight to the auctions now!

30th November 2003

It was about time the site got an overhaul, so here it is, bit more organised, broken links fixed and general admin.
Now allowing an easier method of updating the site - watch this space for further developments.

The latest set of CHhugs signed items is currently running on eBay. For an up to date listing Click Here

Autumn 2003

It's a busy time all round - not just sending and receiving parcels of Beanies which have been signed by celebrities, but
donations too. Also the countdown has begun for the big run up to Christmas with around 150 items going to auction at eBay.

August 2003
This years Summer Bride dressed beanie is a huge success at auction raising an amazing £185 - a record breaking amount
for one of our dressed beanies.

June 2003
CHhugs hand decorated and dressed Beanies have always been popular and this months two flower Beanies called Sweet Pea and Sweet Pansy are no exception raising a fantastic bid of £98 for the pair.

April 2003
CHhugs gets a great surprise when a cheque for £432 arrives from Lloyds TSB in Newport, South Wales. They knew about CHhugs from CHhugs Buddy Sharon Angel, so when the bank had a Casual Dress Day they decided CHhugs would be the charity they collected for!

December 2002

CHhugs was delighted when actor, writer, TV presenter and film producer Stephen Fry did the draw for the two Muhammad Ali autographed Beanies - Flitter and Buzzie - chosen for Muhammad's saying "Float Like a butterfly sting like a bee."
The draw was done on Boxing Day 26th December, whilst Stephen was on his way to the Norwich City Football Match! Seen here with CHhugs Buddy Stephanie
Moore, he drew the two winning tickets. The two winners were Natalie Turner from Slough and Mrs McNamee from Jersey. Both were delighted to know they had won.
The Grand Draw made a fantastic total of £579 - A great way to start this years fund raising



29th July 2000

The latest set of CHhugs auctions have now been running for a week - and the bids are a little disapointing - so come on, show your support and bid. Click Here to view latest prices

We have a load of new photos to upload over the next couple of weeks with loads of personalities who have signed up. Some examples are :-

  • Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling has signed a Wizard Bean Bag and a First Edition copy of the latest book Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire This is going to be highly sought after and will go on auction in September - view the photos here
  • The Spice Girls have signed some Bean bags as well, each signing theirs personally - a great "must have" for any fan - see their page here
  • Jensen Button, one of the newest stars on the Formula One Circuit has taken the time to sign the retired Britannia Beanie Baby - Click Here to view the photo
  • Sir Richard Branson, entrapeneur and Virgin Owner has signed a Britannia Beanie also, this is a Very difficult signature to get hold of, you can see the Beanie here
  • A great one for the Star Wars fans, Ewan McGregor, Obi Wan in Episode 1, has signed a bean bag version of his character - even more impressive is that it had to go to Australia to get signed, you just have to click Here to view the photo
  • If you are a boxing fan, or even if not, there is no doubt you will have heard of "Prince" Naseem Hamed MBE - he has kindly signed a Pillow Pal ( Bruiser ) which can be viewed here
  • And finally, for now as we have loads of names to talk about, Jim Carrey, old rubber face from The Mask has returned a signed photo for the appeal which you can view here

    Some other names who have signed up, their pages will be posted soon are Cherrie Booth - Tony Blairs wife, Sam Neil, Sir Cliff Richard, the Arsenal Football Squad, Jamie Rednapp, Robbie Fowler and Michael Owen from the Liverpool squad, actor Gerard Depardieu, Ex Prime Minister John Major, Titanic Star Kate Winslett and loads more - so watch this space.....

    Finally Daphne Roberts sent us a photo some time back of her handing over some of the Beanies to a local hospice - view the details here Well done Daphne !!!

    23rd May 2000

    Well here we are, a new web host - trouble with ADDR Hosting - not a good one to go with - you may have noticed the downtime

    Some new Celebrity auctions start very soon - so watch this space for details.....

    21st March 2000

    Long time no update, so here we go with the latest CHHugs news.

    Some new Celebrity auctions started this weekend on eBase5
    Current bidding stands as follows :-

    ItemTime Left:Num BidsHigh BidHigh Bidder
    ANDREA BOCELLI signed Holy Bear - NO RESERVE !!!04 days 15 hours +
    RICK WAKEMAN signed Cheeks - NO RESERVE !!!04 days 15 hours +
    DAVID BADDIEL signed Kicks - NO RESERVE !!!04 days 15 hours +
    SUSAN PRICE signed Mystic & Book - NO RESERVE !!04 days 15 hours +
    Dame JUDY DENCH signed Princess - NO RESERVE !!04 days 15 hours +
    GREG RUSEDSKI signed Gobbles - NO RESERVE !!!04 days 15 hours +
    CRAIG FAIRBRASS signed Butch - NO RESERVE !!!04 days 15 hours +
    LYNDA BELLINGHAM signed Slippery - NO RESERVE !!04 days 15 hours +
    STEPHEN FRY signed Chocolate - NO RESERVE !!04 days 15 hours +
    MARK HUGHES signed Kicks - NO RESERVE !!!05 days 08 hours +

    Watch out for a big update soon with a hundred new photos of signed Beanies/Photos

    12th November

    Well here we are at a brand new site - ready to go !!!

    Watch out for some brand new Celebrity auctions this weekend on eBase5
    These will include :-

  • Sir Cliff Richard
  • Michael Palin
  • Savage Garden
  • Naima of the Honeyz
  • Gaby Roslin
  • Rolf Harris
  • Stephen Hendry
  • Lenny Henry
  • Dawn French
  • Sophie Aldred

    The last set of Chhugs auctions raised the following bids :-

  • David Coulthard Scorch 56.00
  • Chris Sutton Kicks 19.00
  • Frederick Forsyth Mac 25.00
  • Gary Barlow Valentina 45.00
  • Ross Kemp Grant 59.00
  • Steve McFaddon Sly 20.00
  • Norman Wisdom Wiser + photo 50.00
  • Tricia Penrose Chip + photo 26.00
  • Lorraine Kelly Scottie + photo 28.00
  • David Essex Derby + photo 33.00
  • Kirsty Young Roam + photo 27.00
  • Samantha Bond Prance 27.00

    Also added the following new celebrity mugshots :-

  • Childrens Writer - Geraldine McCaughlean
  • Comedian and Explorer - Michael Palin
  • Snooker Player = Stephen Hendry
  • Ex Dr Who - Colin Baker
  • ER Actor - Mark Harmon - Not a signed Beanie™, worth a view !!!
  • Comedian - Ronnie Barker
  • Animal Hospital Star and famous Aussie - Rolf Harris
  • another Animal Hospital Star and Welshie - Rhodri Williams
  • and TV presenter - Gaby Roslin

    17th October

    Latest auction standings are as follows :-

    ItemTime Left:Num BidsHigh BidHigh Bidder
    Gianluca Vialli CHELSEA Attic - No Reserve !!!Smokin' 5 Bids or more!05 days 15 hours +
    G Planer - TIPTOE - No Reserve !!!!Smokin' 5 Bids or more!05 days 16 hours +
    C Vorderman - WISER - No Reserve !!!!Smokin' 5 Bids or more!05 days 16 hours +
    P Palmer - FRECKLES - No Reserve !!!!Smokin' 5 Bids or more!05 days 16 hours +
    B*Witched - CHIP - No Reserve !!!!!Smokin' 5 Bids or more!05 days 18 hours +
    Lily Savage - STRUT - No Reserve !!!Smokin' 5 Bids or more!05 days 18 hours +
    Joanna Lumly - STRUT - No Reserve !!!!Smokin' 5 Bids or more!05 days 19 hours +
    GMTV's Penny Smith - EARLY - No Reserve !!!Smokin' 5 Bids or more!05 days 20 hours +
    GMTV's Esther McVey - EARLY - No Reserve !!!Smokin' 5 Bids or more!05 days 20 hours +
    Michael Barrymore - STILTS - No Reserve !!!Smokin' 5 Bids or more!05 days 21 hours +
    Robbie Williams - MILLENIUM - No Reserve !!!!Smokin' 5 Bids or more!05 days 22 hours +
    Sid Owen - CONGO - No Reserve !!!Smokin' 5 Bids or more!05 days 22 hours +

    Today we have also added the following pages to the signed Beanies

  • Steve McFadden - Phil from Eastenders, has signed Sly !!!
  • Dawn French - has kindly signed Chocolate and hubby Lenny Henry has signed Hope
  • Sir Cliff Richard - has signed Spinner, this could be a popular one !!

    10th October

    The auctions for the Celebrity Signed Beanies have begun with bidding going well, most popular so far being the Robbie Williams signed Millenium, currently standing at 106

    Today we have also added the following pages to the signed Beanies

  • Prince Albert de Monaco - This being the most illustrious signing yet, the royal member has signed, wait for it, Britannia !!!!
  • Sharron Davies - Swimmer and ex Gladiator has signed Slippery
  • Jean Alexander - Jean starred for many years in Coronation Street as Hilda Ogden
  • Stephen Fry - Author and comedian Stephen has signed Chocolate The Moose

    Latest Beanie Auctions - as of 09:30 pm BST on October 10th

    ItemTime Left:Num BidsHigh BidHigh Bidder
    Gianluca Vialli CHELSEA Attic - No Reserve !!!Smokin' 5 Bids or more!12 days 17 hours +
    G Planer - TIPTOE - No Reserve !!!!12 days 18 hours +
    C Vorderman - WISER - No Reserve !!!!Smokin' 5 Bids or more!12 days 18 hours +
    P Palmer - FRECKLES - No Reserve !!!!Smokin' 5 Bids or more!12 days 19 hours +
    B*Witched - CHIP - No Reserve !!!!!Smokin' 5 Bids or more!12 days 20 hours +
    Lily Savage - STRUT - No Reserve !!!12 days 21 hours +
    Joanna Lumlry - STRUT - No Reserve !!!!Smokin' 5 Bids or more!12 days 21 hours +
    GMTV's Penny Smith - EARLY - No Reserve !!!12 days 22 hours +
    GMTV's Esther McVey - EARLY - No Reserve !!!12 days 22 hours +
    Michael Barrymore - STILTS - No Reserve !!!Smokin' 5 Bids or more!12 days 23 hours +
    Added within last 24 HoursRobbie Williams - MILLENIUM - No Reserve !!!!Smokin' 5 Bids or more!13 days < 1 hour
    Added within last 24 HoursSid Owen - CONGO - No Reserve !!!13 days < 1 hour

    30th September

  • eBase5 to host the CHhugs charity auctions for the signed Beanie Babies. Thanks to everyone at eBase5 who have been most helpful in arranging the setup of the CHhugs auctions. Click their banner below to go direct to the CHHugs auctions.
    Click to visit eBase5 CHHugs signed Beanie Auctions

  • Contacts Page Updated

  • Another load of Celebrity photos put up on the site :-
  • Cricketers David Gower and Jonathan Agnew
  • Miss Moneypenny actress Samantha Bond
  • Shadow Home Secretary Anne Widdecombe
  • Psychic and Spoon Bender Uri Geller
  • the Avengers Emma Peel Diana Rigg
  • famous singer David Essex
  • and Ground Force gardener Alan Titchmarsh

    13th September

  • Another fairly big update with a few big names added to the CHhugs list

  • Savage Garden, the Aussie band who sung Truely Madly Deeply have signed Eucalyptus and Mel, you can view their page Here

  • We have received another GMTV signature, this time from Fiona Phillips - view her page Here

  • Fabulous pop group The Honeyz have signed three Beanies, go and see which ones Here

  • 1992 Formula 1 World Champion Nigel Mansell has signed Swirly, check out Nigels Page

  • Comedian Joe Pasquale has signed Jabber The Parrot - View Here "I Know A Song That Will Get On Your Nerves, Get On Your NerveS....."

  • The Pop Divas Dina Carrroll and Louise have sigend some Beanies - thanks girls

  • Kele Le Roc has signed Jabber The Parrot, view Keles Page

  • and finally, Sophie Aldred of Childrens TV and also well know as Doctor Whos sidekick Ace has signed Beanie, check out which one Here

    1st September

  • Yes, we know, we've been a bit slow in updating the page yet again, but we have a load of new celebrity pages to show for this update.

  • First off there is the whole GMTV team who were awake enough to sign a big batch of Beanies, you can view their page Here

  • Next off there is the winner from this weekends Spa Grand Prix winner, David Coulthard who has signed Scorch - view them both Here

  • Do you like B*Witched, that Irish pop group with hits such as Cest La Vie and Rollercoaster, if you do then visit their CHhugs Page

  • And one for the ladies here, recently in the charts with Stronger, we have Gary Barlow, the ex Take That star signed Valentina

  • For all those fans of comedy we have the signatures of The Chuckle Brothers and Michael Barrymore - Alwight !!!

  • For all you Blues ( as in Chelsea ) Fans, we have the signatures of Roberto Di Matteo, new signing Chris Sutton, Striker Gianfranco Zola and Manager Gianluca Vialli

  • Remember TV-AM, then surely you will remember Anne Diamond, she has signed Peace. view Annes Page

  • Famous TV Presenter and recently on the news for fighting off an attacker, Anthea Turner has signed Peace

  • And last but not least, for all you pets fans out there, Shauna Lowry of Animal Hospital has signed Gracie, view them Here

  • Phew !!! :-)

    18th August

  • Major Update of all things CHhugs

  • Added photos of cast of Eastenders - twenty in all - thanks to Shelley my fingers are dropping off :-) - view the piccies from the Eastenders Page

  • Jenny has sent through the signed Beanies and piccies of David Soul (who signed Pounce and Canyon ) and Terry Wogan (who signed Erin ) - many thanks Jenny.

  • Shelley has also sent through details of Wise who was signed by funnyman Norman Wisdom - View Normans Page

  • We also found two pages that we had yet to publish, these being John Barnes New Manager of Celtic FC who signed Kicks and also Sir Jeffrey Archer who signed Snip.

  • And finally we have updated the contacts list fully with all the people who have been contacted - view the page here

    11th August

  • Robbie Williams, popular singer with such hits as Angels, Millennium and Let Me Entertain You has very kindly signed and returned the Beanie Milennium - Thanks Rob. Click to view Robbies Page

    4th August

  • Over the last couple of days we have received some more signed Beanies and photos, kindly donated by celebrities.

  • Frank Warren the boxing promoter recently signed Nibbler and returned a signed photo, you can view the photo on Franks Page Our thanks go out to Ann Coulstock who managed to get the signatures - well done Ann.

  • Channels 5 News Presenter, Kirsty Young has kindly signed and retirned Iggy and along with a photo, view both on Kirstys Page

  • Finally, Marty Wilde, Popular Singer and father of Kim has signed Scoop which you can view on Martys Page

    31st July

  • Ingrid Pitt, who is famous for playing a vamp in the Hammer Horror movies in the 70s has kindly signed Mac - View Ingrids Page. Now where did I put that Garlic ?

    29th July

  • The One day auction for Britannia finished yesterday and the highest bidder was Gordon ( Scotbeans ) - well done and many thanks - the final bid was 52

  • We have three more signed Beanies for the campaign :-
  • Darren Gough - the Yorkshire Cricketer has signed Batty - View Darrens Page
  • Jason Gallian - the Nottinghamshire Captain has also signed Batty - View Jasons Page
  • Geoffrey Planer - the author of the childresn books in the Mouse Tales series has signed Tiptoe and also a book and tape. - View Geoffreys Page

  • Many thanks to all three of them - remember to view all the people who have signed in the Signature Section

    27th July

  • A Britannia, with all proceeds going to the CHhugs campaign, has been put up for auction on Eswap by Daphne. View the auction Here

  • Nigel Planer, who is most famous for his role as Hippy Neil Pye in the 80's comedy The Young Ones has kindly signed Peace - view Nigels Page for the piccie.

    23rd July

  • Ferb Britton, of Ready Steady Cook Fame, has returned three signed Beanies to Shelley, view Ferns CHhugs Page here

    Rye Post Office has kindly donated 60 Display cases for the signed Beanies, thanks to them and also a job well done by Beccy Collins for organising it :)

  • Chhugs has had its first "No" :( A letter from St. James's Palace has stated that Prince William is currently too busy with his studies and that Prince Charles considered the matter carefully. Oh well never mind, but still look at the Celebrities who have signed so far :), we have had such a great response !!

    19th July

  • The Contacts list has been fully updated and reorganised

  • Shelley sent through a scan of Mac, which was signed by author Frederick Forsyth, view his CHhugs Page here

  • Added photo of scanned Wise by Bob Holness, View Bob's CHhugs Page

    17th July

  • We've reorganised the viewing of signatures pages to keep down load times and now each celebrity has a page of their own, which we can now devote to auction details, which lucky people get to own the Beanies™ etc.

  • Lily Savage, of Blankety Blank and her own self titled programmes, has generously signed Strut the Rooster. View Lily's CHhugs Page

  • Sharon Angell has been busy, even though she has had a back back recently, this has not stopped her in helping the CHhugs campaign. Sharon has been in contact with Cambridge Corn Exchange who have a lot of famous people performing there. They have agreed to hold beanies for signing by those people performing. The first batch are going to be signed by Noddy and Wizadora who are performing there in August. Well done Sharon :-)

    15th July

  • I've been a little slack in updating this page the last couple of days - sorry everyone

  • First off, Lynda Bellingham the actress has signed and returned a photo and signed Slipperys Tush Tag - thanks a lot Lynda ( and Shelley for the scan ). View the photos Here

  • A little reminder to visit Tyrones CHhugs Site which not only has the updated scans but will carry details of when the auctions are to be held, items sold, interested parties and much more - so pay it a visit today !!

    10th July

  • Pat has sent through a scan of a photo signed by Bob Holness today - thanks Pat, you can see the photo Here

  • Shelley sent a scan of Sue Barkers photo, which she sent through 2 of and three signed Beanies® - Again see the scan of both Here

  • Ann Coulstock has been in touch to say that Frank Warren has kindly signed Nibbler and Nibbley, thanks a lot Ann. She is also waiting to hear back from Barbara Dickson.

  • And finally Tyrone is running a site of the signed photos and Beanies - check it out - the address is Nice Work Tyrone.

    8th July

  • A Couple more signed Bums came through today, those by Carol Vorderman and Tricia Penrose - see the scans Here
  • Special thanks to the following people who have managed to snag signatures from various Celebs :-

  • Yvonne Palmer, who managed to get Peace signed by Ann Diamond

  • Bob Holness signed Wise, this signature gotten by Pat

  • Jenny who got David Soul to sign Pounce.

  • A big cheer to the three on you on a job well done.

    7th July

  • Shelley sent an email to me this morning to say that Jane Asher has sent through a signed photo which you can see Here.
    Jane felt that the children would not know of her enough to want a signed Beanie® by her, so kindly donated a cheque for 50 to put towards the purchase of more Beanies® which was an extremely kind gesture. Thanks ever so much Jane if you are reading.

    5th July

  • Shelley has sent me through the first scans of the Sign a Beanies Bum campaign, and the signature of Joanna Lumley and Strut can be seen Here. I may just well bid on that one.
    Also a quick mention to Andrew of Parcelforce, who has kindly afreed to deliver a parcel of Beanies to both the Eastenders and GMTV staff - thanks ever so much Andrew, it is really appreciated.

    4th July

  • Shelley has kindly sent me a Frequently Asked Questions List for the Sign A Beanies Bum campaign. This can be found Here

    29th June

  • Our first donations through the site have arrived, Scott Middleton-Haines has kindly donated Butch from his collection - thanks a lot Scott, and Helen Middleton has donated Fuzz and Peace, many thanks to you both it is really appreciated :)

    26th June

  • A Britannia has been donated to the CHHugs campaign and could well be making its way towards the roayl family for signing - watch this space....

    24th June

  • Some more people have been approached or are 99% - Such as Bob Holness ( who has signed ), Nicholas Lyndhurst, Pop Group B*Witched and even PM Tony Blair has been contacted. The list grows daily.
  • The first donation through the site is on its way - thanks Helen

    23rd June

  • Shelley has contacted the pop group Steps Management and they are 99% sure of signing some Beanies Bums

  • Sharon Angell from the campaign appeared on Radio Norfolk at around lunchtime talking about CHhugs and from what I hear made a really big impact - well done Sharon.

    Sign A Beanies Bum

    No - its not rude, what the task has involved is contacting a number of UK celebrities and asking them to sign a Beanies bottom. The Beanies will then be auctioned off and all proceeds will go into the CHhugs fund for distribution around the childrens hospices.

    To See who are involved or have been approached then Click Here

    And more and more are getting involved daily. If you can help getting a celebrity from anywhere in the world to sign a Beanie Bum then please contact Shelley at as soon as possible - thanks.

    Beanies should be linked to the person by connection or name, e.g. Robbie has Millennium, Carol Vorderman would be Wise/Wiser, Mel Gibson could be Mel etc. etc.

    Donations through this Site Make a difference, send a donation in the form of any unwanted, or even wanted Beanie Babies, one, two, hundreds, all donantions greatfully received and can include Buddies, Disney, Bamm Beanos, or any other cuddly squidgey that would bring happiness to a child.
    We are not here to "rip you off" so therefore before sending your donations through you can either write on the tag, with Love for example, or cut on the fold of any tush tags so that it basically devalues the toy as a collectible ( not destroy though as these kids need something to hug remember ).
    If you are sending an item of value to be auctioned off then please mark it as such.

    In the first instance contact these addresses depending on where in the world you are so that we can arrange to send instructions on where to send your donation and give you a nearest postal address as possible.


    Mark your mail that you want to help and make a donation to CHHugs and what sort of donation you would like to give, we will then send you the relevant address.


    Beanie Babies bring joy to so many children and adults. The situation these children are in may be terrible but with your help we can bring at least a few more smiles into their lives, so please let's all do what we can.