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The First Hospice Hand-over

Daphne Roberts, one of the organisers of CHHugs visited the Hope House Hospice in North Wales last December to hand over a load of Beanies for the children there. A total of 155 beanies were handed over and the kids should have had a great deal of fun with them.

In the photo below you can see Daphne along with Stuart Andrew, the Hospice fundraiser. This shows how much a worthy cause CHHugs is, bringing hope and joy to many of the children in the hospices

Photo courtesy of the North Wales Newspapers

So a big Well Done goes out to Daphne for the work she has done

Beanie Babies bring joy to so many children and adults. The situation these children are in may be terrible but with your help we can bring at least a few more smiles into their lives, so please let's all do what we can.