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Signed Beanies

Sign a Beanies Bum Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sign A Beanies Bum?
This is an extension of the CHhugs appeal. The idea is to get celebrities to "Sign a Beanies Bum".

Who would be a "celebrity"?
We have approached all kinds of celebrities. TV presenters and soap stars, cricketers and footballers, pop stars and film stars, also comedians and politicians! So far we have not had one refusal!

What happens to the beanies that are signed?
The majority will go directly to the sick children, along with a signed photo. Some will be auctioned to raise funds to perpetuate the scheme and buy even more beanies and also help with postage.

How can I help?
Do you have a spare beanie? It does not have to be a hard to find bear! It does not even have to be mwmt! All beanies are gratefully accepted! You can mail for the postal address to donate! Another way you can help is if you know a celebrity! Again if you contact us for the email address we can supply you with a draft contact letter. We can also tell you if your celebrity has already been contacted so as not to duplicate any approaches.

I have the beanie, I have the celebrity. Where does the beanie get signed ?
If the beanie is pale in colour, or has a white underside then sign directly on the fabric. A broad tipped black felt does the trick. If the beanie is dark, such as Roam or Gigi, the you have to be brave and cut the tush tag very close to the fabric on one side. This will give you a tape about 5cms long to be signed. Don't forget to ask for a signed photo to go with the beanie!

What do I do now?
Contact us and we will tell you whether we need you to post the beanie to us, or hold him pending an auction.

Where will the signed beanies be auctioned?
They will be split between several different places. On line auctions like ESwap, QXL and EBay. Also we hope to organise some to go to beanie fairs and maybe even a postal auction for those who do not have Internet access.

I have a question not covered here.
mail the "Sign a beanies bum" co-ordinator at

Beanie Babies bring joy to so many children and adults. The situation these children are in may be terrible but with your help we can bring at least a few more smiles into their lives, so please let's all do what we can.