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11th October 2005 - HOT NEWS!

Today's post brought a most wonderful surprise.

Recently we were contacted by a lady from Georgia USA. She had heard about us through one of the mailing lists we contacted about one of our auctions for an item signed by Michael Kitchen. This lady is involved with her local hospice in the US - which shares it's name with one of the hospices we support here in the UK - Hope House. She said that she would love to make a donation to CHhugs. As she said "just because I care so much for your cause and I appreciate Michael Kitchen so much".
Today a letter arrived containing a cheque for $1,500 dollars! She has asked to remain anonymous and of course we respect that, but she did agree we could post news of this wonderful donation here on the site..
As she is involved with Hope House in the USA we thought it might be nice to donate a lump sum to the Hope House we support in the UK, and add the remainder to our money for the 2006 round of donations. With at least 2 new hospices to add to our list for donation in 2006 this money will be put to very good use indeed.
So a huge Thank You to our friend in Georgia USA.


October 2005

As you know CHhugs occasionally auctions item and donates the proceeds to other charities. These other charities are always concerned, as CHhugs is, with the welfare and support of children in difficult times. You may recall the Remembrance Halo, proceeds from which were donated to the Children In Crisis charity which was caught up in 9/11. Also the Save The Children item which was auctioned in January with the proceeds donated to the Save The Children for the Tsunami Appeal.
Following the devastating earthquake in Pakistan, CHhugs is once again pleased to be able to offer a unique item, with all proceeds being donated to the Save The Children appeal for the thousands of children affected by the disaster. It is a Ty Bearbaby which has been hand beaded with a unique design. It combines the logo of Save The Children and the Pakistan flag, and is currently at auction at CLICK HERE to go to the auction - but be quick it is only listed for 7 days!


August 2005

It may have been a quiet time on the surface but behind the scenes it has been business as usual for CHhugs, with letters being written to celebrities, and beanies being sent out for signing.
This years Summer Bride raised £67 and if you CLICK HERE you can see what you missed!


February 2005

Time to unveil this years Valentine's Day Halo - and she is a beauty! Pink Hearts and Roses Halo is, as usual, a one off exclusive design created for CHhugs CLICK HERE to get a preview!n Then watch out at for the auction!


January 2005 Extra News

With so many children caught up in the Tsunami disaster it seemed appropriate that CHhugs should make some kind of donation to the appeal. Our Save The Children hand beaded Halo was created exclusively for CHhugs and raised £58.02 which was immediately donated to the Save The Children Tsunami Appeal


January 2005

With the New Year upon us it is time to reflect on the auction which ran all the way up to Christmas. They raised some fantastic bids with the top spot going to a Valentine Piglet signed by Colin Firth which raised an amazing £104! In total we raised over £5000 meaning that CHhugs can again make a full round of donations to the hospices we support! Thank you to everyone who bid, and also thank you to everyone who donated all the beanies which were signed - without these donated beanies we would not be able to such amazing things!


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Beanie Babies bring joy to so many children and adults. The situation these children are in may be terrible but with your help we can bring at least a few more smiles into their lives, so please let's all do what we can.