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CHhugs? What’s that?
CHhugs was conceived by a group of people brought together by the wonders of the Internet! They all share a love of Ty Beanie Baby toys, and we had the idea of collecting together and donating our spares to Children’s Hospices around the British Isles to bring a smile to the faces of long term and terminally sick children and their siblings. People on the list all got involved - from as far apart as Norfolk and Belfast and Jersey to Edinburgh. Of course just donating our spares would be a finite supply of Beanies so the "Sign a Beanie’" campaign was born! The idea being to approach celebrities and ask them to sign a beanie - some to be donated as special gifts to the children, and some to be auctioned to buy more beanies and perpetuate the whole idea. (It is worth mentioning that CHhugs is totally non profit, with all money raised going straight back into CHhugs.) The first donations were made to the Malcolm Sergeant House in Prestwick and The East Anglian Children’s Hospice Group at Quiddenham and Hope House Hospice in Wrexham. As well as the beanies we buy with the auction money, we also have a "Wish Box" which contains signed beanies which can be donated to children who are special fans - for instance "Hannah" in Liverpool is a huge Robbie Williams fan and we were delighted to be able to give her a "Fortune" bear signed by Robbie complete with a signed photo. Jeffrey was "Gobsmacked" when he received his "Cawley" and photo, autographed by his favourite TV celebrity Charlie Dimmock!

The response has been fantastic with nearly 100% success, with everyone saying what a brilliant idea it is! We have received support from people like sports stars, including David Coulthard and Mika Hakkinen, Prince Naseem Hamed, Michael Owen and Sir Steven Redgrave. From pop stars like Robbie Williams, Sir Cliff Richard, Andrea Bocelli, David Essex and B*Witched. From TV shows like Eastenders, Animal Hospital, Coronation Street and GMTV and stars and celebrities like Bob Hope, Ewan McGregor, Joanna Lumley, Lenny Henry, Dawn French, Stephen Fry, Dame Judy Dench, David Jason, Sir Norman Wisdom, Bob Hoskins, Sam Neil, Robin Williams, J.K Rowling, and Sir Richard Branson to name but a few. We have even had a Beanie signed by Prince Albert of Monaco and the Marquis of Bath!

Because Beanie Baby’s come in every shape and size and are all named, we try and theme at least one beanie for each celebrity for instance Bob Hope signed "Hope", The Spice Girls all signed their "Spice Girl" beanies, Patsy Palmer signed "Freckles", Gianluca Vialli signed "Chelsea", Uri Geller signed "Mystic", Ross Kemp "Grant", Kate Winslett signed a "Titanic" bear, Patrick Moore signed Orion, Sam Neill signed "Sammy" and Robbie Williams signed "Millennium"

The auctions have raised some fantastic amounts, and in three years - not including 2005 - we have been able to donate £15,000 ($26,000) and over 1000 Beanie toys to the 36 children's hospices we support all over the UK.

If you would like to find out more about CHhugs you can visit our web site at There you can find out all about CHhugs, and see more of the celebrities who have signed for CHhugs! Also you can join an announcement list called CHhugsAuctions at This group will keep you in touch with which beanies are being auctioned, and when the auctions are running at eBay.

Beanie Babies bring joy to so many children and adults. The situation these children are in may be terrible but with your help we can bring at least a few more smiles into their lives, so please let's all do what we can.