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CHhugs Donations 2005



September 2005

     In the early days of CHhugs donations, we decided that we would send each hospice a box of Beanie Toys for distribution to the children and their siblings. A lot of the hospices then sold the left over ones. With the slowing down of the collecting market in beanies, many hospices were not able to sell a lot of the donated Beanie Toys and of course children move on to other favourite toys, so after consultation with several of the hospices last year, it was decided that instead of a box of Beanies we would make a financial donation, and also signed items for the hospices to use at their own fund-raising events. Following up on some of these donated signed items we know that have helped raise at least another £3000 for the hospices.

     As this seemed such a popular way of donating we decided that 2005 would follow the same format, and following the success of the late 2004 auctions of signed items, Pantomime Princesses and Snowflake Halos, as well as this years Summer Bride and other decorated beanies we have been able to do another full round of donations! A total of

£6,500 (Approx $11,000) and 65 signed items

have been donated! Below is a full list of the hospices and the items donationed. There are several more hospices in the planning and building stage so lets hope that this years auctions will be even more successful so that we can make yet another full round of donations in 2006. Click here for news of the auctions and remember that every penny raised goes into CHhugs, and every beanie that is signed is donated!


The Donation List -

Acorns Children's Hospice - Selly Oak - £200 & Beanies signed by Rudolf Walker & Valerie Leon

Acorn's Children's Hospice - Walsall - £200 and beanies signed by Greg Rusedski & George Baker

Acorn Children's Hospice - Worcester - £100 and beanie signed by Minnie Driver

Brian House - Blackpool - £200 and beanies signed by Kevin Keegan & Jamie Sives

Butterwick Children's Hospice - Stockton On Tees - £200 and beanies signed by Sophie Ellis Bexter & Luke Perry

Chase Children's Hospice - Guilford - £200 and beanies signed by Denise Robertson & Ray Cooney

Chestnut Tree House - Worthing - £200 and beanies signed by Emma Bunton & Kathryn George

Children's Hospice South West - Barnstaple -£200 and beanies signed by Alison Steadman & Corey Feldman

Claire House - Wirral - £200 and beanies signed by James Bowlam & Olivia Williams

Demelza House - Rochester - £200 and beanies signed by Sue Pollard & Craig Parker

Derian House - Preston - £200 and beanies signed by Ardal O'Hanlon & Isla Blair

Donna Louise Trust - Stoke On Trent - £200 and beanies signed by Jasper Carrot & Dermot Crawley

East Anglian Children's Hospice - Ipswich - £200 and beanies signed by Angela Griffin & The Farm

East Anglian Children's Hospice - Milton - £200 and beanies signed by Melinda Messenger & Doug Bradley

East Anglian Children's Hospice - Quiddenham - £200 and beanies signed by Lesley Joseph & Pete Waterman

Eden Valley Hospice - Carlisle - £100 and beanie signed by Christine Stephen-Daly

Ellenor Foundation - Dartford - £100 and beanie signed by Hayley Mills

Francis House - Stockport - £200 and beanies signed by Shaun Williamson & Appleton

Helen House - Oxford - £200 and beanies signed by Hermione Norris & Pete Waterman

Hope House - Oswestry - £200 and beanies signed by Rudolpf Walker & Gerald Home

Horizon House - Belfast - £200 and beanies signed by Ian Lavender & Ash

Iain Rennie Hospice at Home - Tring - £100 and beanie signed by Michael Kitchen

James House - Etchingham - £100 and beanie signed by Martin Clunes

Julia's House - Broadstone - £100 and beanie signed by Cat Deeley

Keech Cottage Children's Hospice - Luton - £200 and beanies signed by Rachel Grant & Julian Glover

Little Haven - Westcliff on Sea - £200 and beanies signed by Carol Smillie & Danny Jules

Martin House - Leeds - £200 and beanies signed by Ronnie Barker & Speedway

Naomi House - Wincester - £200 and beanies signed by Ruby Wax & James Leary

Rachel House - Kinross - £200 and beanies signed by Tim Pigot-Smith & Mis-Teeq

Richard Foundation - Doncaster - £100 and beanie signed by Brent McIntyre

Richard House - London - £200 and beanies signed by Derek Jacobi & Natasha Little

Rainbows Children's Hospice - Loughborough - £200 and beanies signed by Jennie Bond & Dion from Big Brovaz

St Andrew's Children's Hospice - Grimsby - £200 and beanies signed by John Inverdale & Celena of The Honeyz

St Oswald's Children's Hospice - Gosforth - £200 and beanies signed by Kate Thornton & Chris Fairbanks

Ty Gobaith - Groesnydd - £200 and beanies signed by Michael Keating & Fearne Cotton

Ty Hafan - Barry - £200 and beanies signed by Kate Thornton & J Rock of Big Brovaz

Full time children's hospices each received £200 and 2 signed items
Hospice Care ib the Home, Day Care, and children's hospices attached to adult hospices all received £100 and 1 signed item.



Beanie Babies bring joy to so many children and adults. The situation these children are in may be terrible but with your help we can bring at least a few more smiles into their lives, so please let's all do what we can.